Company profile

Our Story


A&S Jewellery Mfg Ltd was established in 1976 by two brothers and has remained in the same family ever since. Situated in London’s prestigious jewellery quarter, Hatton Garden, we quickly become one of the largest jewellery manufacturers, importers and wholesalers in the industry – supplying retail units nationwide.

Over the years we adapted our business model slightly opening our doors to the general public rather than remaining trade only. We are now proud to be one of the most popular retailers in the area, but we don’t rest on our laurels, we revise our designs regularly and are continually introducing new models into our collection.

We do however keep our roots firmly planted in the same approach to business, our team of buyers travel the world to source the best diamonds from some of the largest diamond merchants in the industry. We negotiate hard on all of our purchases in order to give our clients the best value that we can.

Our large onsite workshop has an experienced team of jewellery craftsmen who can cater for clients with the most demanding of requirements. Every piece of jewellery that we sell is covered with our free lifetime aftercare service where it will be cleaned and the setting of the diamonds will be checked for their security.

Even though the opportunities have arisen we never sought to expand opening multiple retail units, we prefer to concentrate all of our efforts on one store enabling us to give our customers a more personal, intimate experience.

Customer Service


Buying expensive diamond jewellery can be an intimidating business – you’ll hear a lot of unfamiliar terms as you embark on your mission to find that perfect piece – The Four C’s, Fluorescence, Girdles, Culets – it can all get a bit confusing. But here at A&S we pride ourselves on making this process a simple and pleasurable one for our customers. Our friendly, professional, sales team have decades of experience in the manufacturing, sourcing and selling of fine diamond jewellery and we make it our business to ensure that all of our clients benefit from that experience.

We put our success down to the fact that we give our clients honest, impartial advice, often recommending ways for them to save money on their purchases or advising the most beneficial places to allocate their money. That being said the quality of workmanship on every diamond that makes it into our stock is carried out to the highest of standards ensuring maximum sparkle.

For those brave enough to go shopping for jewellery without their significant other present, the process gets a whole lot scarier. Rest assured that we would be willing to change the design of the ring or the finger size free of charge and if necessary we would even change the diamond to an alternative shape if your taste doesn’t quite correspond to hers.

The level of customer service that we strive for is evident from the minute you step foot through the door not only at point of sale also after the event. We believe that when buying something as significant as an engagement ring, both financially and sentimentally, it is important for our clients to be able to interact with and be served by the company owners rather than an army of commission-hungry sales people.

Corporate Ethos


All of the diamonds set in our engagement rings are certificated by the GIA, we like the way they work. Having tried those with other certificates we found that the diamonds were lower in quality that the grades that they were making on paper. This has become a known practice in the industry and in our opinion is both dishonest and immoral. You will find that diamonds graded by these “lesser” laboratories will be cheaper than those with equivalent grades certificated by GIA certificates, but this is the reason.

We are one of the only retailers in the area who do not buy in second-hand jewellery. There are only a handful of reasons why someone would want to sell such a sentimentally significant possession, and any of the reasons that we can think of have a bad karma attached. So if you are looking to purchase a new ring and not one that has been “previously loved”, you can rest assured that this is the case with all the jewellery sold at A&S.

But this is not the only reason why we do not deal in the buying and selling of second-hand diamond jewellery. Knowing the origin of all of our diamonds is important to us, we purchase only from a select few reputable companies who adhere strictly to the Kimberly process enabling us to guarantee that all diamonds sold at A&S Jewellers are both conflict free and ethically sourced.

Our philosophy is simple; we give our clients high quality products finished to the highest standards. We do this at competitive prices, even when comparing against internet “jewellers”. Because of this our clients become customers for life, recommending us to their colleagues, friends and family and in some cases we are now looking after the third generation of the same family.